Sattler: Attracting young families important for Carson City |

Sattler: Attracting young families important for Carson City

Sandi Hoover

Mark Sattler, a resident of Carson City for the past 39 years, filed Monday for the Ward 3 seat on the Carson City Board of Supervisors that will be vacated by Pete Livermore.

Sattler, who serves on the Carson City Municipal Golf Corporation board, said one of the things that is important to him is to keep a close eye on the city


“Governments have a natural tendency to get bloated in good times, then downsize during a recession, and I think Carson City is still running fine, but as the economy starts to improve, we should probably put our money into reserves or into infrastructure and maintaining what we have,” he said.

“We need to keep running lean and mean, and I think our city is doing a good job of that. I believe in keeping government trim and being responsive to the needs of the people,”

Sattler said.

He said he was glad to see the progress being made downtown, but he would hope incentives also could be brought to businesses in other parts of town, particularly the north.

“I’d like to know if there is any way we can help them. It bothers me to see the old Kmart building and to see businesses like Fleet Feet and Sizzler leave. I’d like to know what we can do to get that end of town going again,” Sattler said.

He said he believes the Nugget project is “a great idea,” but that his philosophy before endorsing any project is to be sure three questions are answered first.

“First, is it wanted and needed? And I believe it is,” he said. “Second, I’d like to know the total cost for building and maintenance, and third, I need to know how we’re going to pay for it.”

“A downtown that is family-friendly is really important to me. We have a lovely town here – we’re in a great location and the climate is good. We just need to get our kids who go away to school to come back here to raise their kids,” Sattler said.

He believes he could be an asset to the board of supervisors.

“I’m fairly analytical, and I’m an outgoing person who could serve the community well. I think it’s critical to never lose sight of people you serve,” he said.

Sattler has been married to his wife Mary for 36 years. They have a 28-year-old daughter, Rachel, and 27-year-old son, Mark.

He served in the U.S. Air Force from 1968-1971. He was head of purchasing for Carson-Tahoe Hospital for 12 years prior to switching to his present job in sales in 1988 for Mid-Valley Surgical Supply.