Savings plan holds open enrollment |

Savings plan holds open enrollment

The College Savings Plan of Nevada has scheduled open enrollment for Dec. 1.

The amount a contract costs enrollees depends on the grade the student is in as well as the plan chosen.

The program provides a guarantee of prepaid tuition to attend university or community college once a student graduates from high school and allows parents, friends and other family to contribute to the plan.

The money can be used at Nevada colleges or other institutions of higher learning.

The cost of either a lump sum payment or of a monthly payment is higher the later a student is enrolled in a prepaid tuition plan. For example, if a four year university plan starts when the student is in kindergarten, the cost for an extended payment plan would be $209 a month for 147 months. If the student is a ninth grader when enrolled, there would only be time for 39 payments, which would cost $600 a month.

Enrollment will remain open through Feb. 28, 2010.

More information is available on the program from the Nevada Treasurer’s Office in Las Vegas at 702-486-2667 or at http://www.neva