Savings program to install user-friendly computer |

Savings program to install user-friendly computer

Nevada Appeal Capitol Bureau

Nevada’s College Savings program is planning a new computer system that will, for the first time, let parents manage their accounts online.

Treasurer Kate Marshall said the current computer system “doesn’t work.” Instead of managing their accounts, making payments and even simple things like changing an address online, parents must download and print out forms, then fill them out and return them to the program.

“Not only does the current software not work, it costs us $60,000 to $90,000 a year,” she said.

Marshall said that charge is the annual licensing fee for the software. The new system, she said, could cost as little as $237,000 and wouldn’t have those annual fees. She said at that rate, it would pay for itself within four years as well as provide much better access for parents and others contributing to a plan.

“We need to update the computer so people can go online and manage their accounts.”

The college savings program allows parents, relatives and others to open a college savings plan for young students that will provide them with tuition money when they are old enough to attend college. It can be used not only in Nevada’s system of higher education but any accredited college or community college in the country.

Board members voted unanimously to ask for bidders to install a new system.