Saying goodbye to a community restaurant |

Saying goodbye to a community restaurant

Kim Riggs

I am going to take a moment today to say goodbye to Bodine’s Restaurant. I am sure Joe is packing his bags as you read this and heading south. Shel is probably enjoying his family and Jim doesn’t have to run down to open the place up this morning.

My three children, my mother and all the adopted children who knew and loved my father headed down to the Coach’s Corner one last time for dinner and to give my father’s place a salute.

I will miss the place – the wonderful people like Marty, Sam, Joe, Ted, Kitty and so many others that made it a second home to my father when he was alive. So Jim, Joe and Shel thank you for all the good times, great food and everything you have done for the community and my family. I’ll miss you. Go enjoy!

Talking about places that give back to the community, Bodine’s was always there to give a raffle prize to help all the organizations that asked. I was talking to one business owner in town and she said she gets 10 requests a week for different fundraisers. I was amazed by that amount.

So the next fundraiser you’re at, make sure you tell the vendor how much you appreciate that they give back to our community.

Wide Smiles Classic

I called Pete Caron at Silver Oaks Golf Course the other day to get some help with Molly and Kyle Walt’s annual Wide Smiles Classic. Of course, Pete immediately gave a golf package to help the cause and I can tell you from knowing the Walts’ three little ones, this is a life changing program. Two out of three of their children were born with a cleft lip and palate. Their oldest son, who is 4, has had three surgeries and their 7-month-old baby girl has had two surgeries already.

This type of surgery is very costly and some families cannot afford the cost to help their children, so Kyle and Molly have made it their personal mission to help other children receive assistance so they can smile. If you want to help them by supporting the Wide Smiles Classic you can make a monetary donation. Every child should be able to smile and not have to suffer.

What: Wide Smiles Classic

When: Now until they reach their goal

Where: 1140 W. King St., Carson City, NV. Attn: Kyle Walt

Contact: 283-2800

Letters from home

I know we all want to help our military. Zack Tersteege, who played Pop Warner Football with my boys, is serving our county and would enjoy some news from Carson City. For six to eight weeks, he’ll be finishing his training in Pensacola, Fla. So if you want to send one of our own native Nevadans a card, a photo or just a note to say hello, I know he would appreciate it.

He graduated last year and immediately applied for the Navy. His mom signed her e-mail, Navy Mom and PROUD of it. So are we Tami!

What: Letters from home for Zack Tersteege

Where: NATTC Tersteege, Z.J. USS Nimitz Room 346, 230 Chezalier Field Avenue, Pensacola, FL 32508-5113

When: Six-eight weeks while in training

Story times

Last, but not least, Cory King is once again starting the Carson City Library youth program winter sessions of story times for preschoolers. I just stated in my last column it is sometimes hard to find things for the little ones to do. So parents or grandparents this is a great educational program.

It starts Tuesday, so enjoy your Martin Luther King Jr. Day and think about taking your children to appreciate a great program and develop your child’s interest in books. Can’t go wrong with that combination.

What: Carson City Library Youth Department Winter Session of story times

Where: The Carson City Library, 900 N. Roop St.

When: Begins Tuesday

Cost: Free admission tickets are required for some programs

Contact: 887-2244 extension 1004

Web site:

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