Nevada Department of Corrections: Scammers using prison’s phone number |

Nevada Department of Corrections: Scammers using prison’s phone number

Nevada Appeal staff report

The Nevada Department of Corrections in Carson City received reports of a phone scam that uses the Northern Nevada Correctional Center’s main phone line as its contact number.

On Wednesday afternoon, a staff member with the correctional center was contacted by an out-of-state law enforcement agency.

Apparently the agency was investigating a fraud case involving a senior citizen who received a call from a person pretending to be their grandson. The “grandson” claimed he’d been arrested for driving under the influence and needed money. A second person was put on the phone claiming to be an attorney and gave the victim directions for wiring the needed money.

The phone call showed that it originated from 775-887-9297, which is the main number to the correctional center. It’s also a line that can’t be used to call outside of the facility.

Staff at the correctional center said they’re looking into possible ways to block the use of the number.

In the meantime, officials recommend hanging up on the scammers, bearing in mind the importance of being skeptical when receiving a call from any unknown number.

Additionally, these types of calls can be reported to local law enforcement and the Federal Trade Commission,