Scarecrow-making enthralls kids |

Scarecrow-making enthralls kids


Carson City’s Linda McIntosh flashed a grin bigger than her grandchildren’s smiles as the three of them made a scarecrow at the Children’s Museum of Northern Nevada on Saturday. With her were Madison, 4, and Emma, 18 months. Madison was enthralled with dressing her scarecrow, Emma with that and the chance to get her hands on a pen and paper for additional fun. The trio was among a group of about 25 children and elders who helped each other in front of the museum in Carson City, stuffing straw into pantyhose and dressing the results in throwaway clothes.“My grandkids are having a blast,” said McIntosh, flushed in the autumnal chill that was dwindling as the morning progressed.McIntosh, a museum member and volunteer, pointed out Penny Holbrook who was helping other kids build scarecrows not far away.Holbrook, a museum board member and the volunteer who spearheads the scarecrow-building project each year, seemed even happier than the children.“This is one of my favorite things to do,” she said. “We do it every year and it’s just fun, just plain fun.”Holbrook estimated she has been running the fall program each year for perhaps eight or more and she had a goal when she began. It hasn’t gone away, even though it hasn’t come to fruition fully as yet.The goal, she said, was to persuade businesses to substitute or add scarecrows to their Halloween displays or outdoor decor. A few have over the years, particularly in the third year, but it didn’t catch on.“Several businesses did it,” she said. “I’d still like to do it.”However, Holbrook said, the scarecrows being made Saturday weren’t for that purpose. “They just make ’em and take ’em,” she said.Holbrook said scarecrows also are made each fall in Gardnerville at the East Fork Galleries. “They make a bunch to sell,” she said, but added it was done there earlier this autumn.