Schools recognize anniversary of terror |

Schools recognize anniversary of terror

by Teri Vance, Appeal Staff Writer

Second-graders from Bordewich-Bray and Fremont elementary schools are sending teddy bears to chronicle the thoughts of firefighters and police across the country.

“They were the ones doing this for us,” said Olivia Garcia, 7. “What they think about it is what matters.”

The classes will split up today to present the Carson City police and fire stations with bears, Freedom and Liberty, along with a journal. They are asking that the law enforcement officials write their feelings in the journal then send it on to another station until it travels the United States and back to their classroom.

“We’re doing this so the students will have an awareness of what happened and how much the police and firefighters care about them,” said second-grade teacher Daphne Gammell. “We want them to be appreciative.”

The students also plan to deliver letters and perform “America, the Beautiful” at the stations.

School board members previewed the performance during their meeting Tuesday evening.

Second-grader Tiffany Sodrok read her letter: “Thank you for all you do for us,” she read. “You save kittens and people. You protect us from bad people and fires. It would be awful without you.”

Schools throughout the area are also planning to commemorate the anniversary of last year’s terrorist attacks.

Most will offer a moment of silence, fly flags at half staff and encourage students to dress in red, white and blue.

Carson High School will sound a cannon at the times when each of the Twin Towers was struck and when they fell.

At 10:28 a.m., when the second tower collapsed, they will unveil a new 60-foot flagpole and a memorial of the Twin Towers.

“It’s not a pep assembly,” Principal Glen Adair explained. “It’s a somber occasion and we’re going to be respectful.”

Other school events:

— First-graders at Mark Twain Elementary School will plant red, white and blue tulips.

— Sixth- and seventh-graders at Eagle Valley Middle School will bake cookies and deliver them to police and firefighters.

— Students at Silver Stage Middle School will plant a tree in honor of students who have died and the victims of Sept. 11.