Second horse killed by car found |

Second horse killed by car found

Karen Woodmansee
Nevada Appeal Staff Writer

A second horse that was injured in an accident on Highway 50 East in Stagecoach has died.

Darrell Peterson, brand inspector for the Nevada Department of Agriculture, said two horses were hit by a vehicle on Nov. 20. One died quickly. The other, a mare about 2 years old, roamed for four days until she died, apparently of internal injuries, he said.

“It looked like she had been hit by a car and bled internally,” he said. “We picked her up at Caroline Way in Churchill Estates.”

On Nov. 24 Peterson took the dead horse into the desert, away from homes, and left her there, which is common practice. He said the department didn’t have the equipment or land to dispose of such a large animal.

The animal will provide nourishment for other wildlife, he said.

Betty Retzer, a Stagecoach resident, said she knew more than one horse was killed because she watches that equine band, called the “Blazer” band by Stagecoach residents.

She and a friend were out and saw the four remaining members of the band and didn’t think much about it, she said.

Then on Monday they noticed the band was down to three horses.

“It’s obscene if that horse wandered around for four days before dying,” she said.

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