Senate approves judicial district for Churchill County |

Senate approves judicial district for Churchill County

The Nevada Senate voted to approve legislation Wednesday that would create separate judicial districts for Churchill and Lyon counties.

Churchill currently shares the three judges assigned to the Third Judicial District with Lyon. Senate Bill 94 sponsored by Sen. Mike McGinness, R-Fallon, would create a 10th judicial district in the state by moving one of those judges permanently to Fallon. The other two would remain in Lyon County.

McGin-ness said the proposal was requested by the judges of the Third District and backed by the Supreme Court.

“It does not add any judges,” he said. “There’s no construction of courtrooms.”

He said, however, the plan does save money by eliminating a lot of travel by those judges and their staffs.

“They estimate it can save $25,000 in travel,” he said.

Under SB94, Department 1 – currently held by Judge David Huff – would move to the new Tenth Judicial District. Department’s 2 and 3 – seats held by Leon Aberasturi and William Rogers respectively – would remain in the Third District.

The legislation, approved 20-0 with Sen. Shirley Breeden, D-Las Vegas, absent, doesn’t impact the current term of office of any of the judges.

The bill goes to the Assembly.