Senator Square: CHS yearbook staff marks year of award and success |

Senator Square: CHS yearbook staff marks year of award and success

Phil Brady and Lindsay Chowanski
CCSD Teachers Sarah Lobsinger and Kim Whisler with Carson City Counts.

Success, lifestyle, memories: All these describe yearbook. For the 2017-18 school year, a staff of 47 was dedicated to making a memorable book for others to keep throughout their lives and be passed down through generations, and again the book received the Gallery of Excellence Award, in which the book is used as an example of a successful yearbook in schools and at conferences across the country.

Most people get this book and laugh at the photos of their friends and look for their interviews, but it is rare they look to see who wrote the stories or went to the games and took the photos. This class is not only about catching memories, it makes memories of its own. Everything is not a smooth ride either as some may think, because there are always scares that give heart attacks.

Hannah De Los Rios, a junior, knew working on the yearbook could get scary when she remembered, “Losing an SD card with all my photos on it.” She added, “I think when things like that happen, it is important to have backups, so now, and with other things, I always have a backup.” When these mishaps happen, and they always do, students stay after school to finish pages and right the wrongs.

“I think I’ve stayed maybe seven times for three hours after school, so 21 extra hours and counting at home, over 24 extra hours because we all have responsibilities, but some of us do not always fulfill them, so others have to step up and get it done,” said Gaby Avina, a sophomore and one of three editors.

The workload was more than running around and randomly selecting students to interview.

“When I started actually getting into things like photography and helping CHS yearbook adviser Patt Quinn-Davis with everything, it was a lot on my plate and I think I have spent more hours on yearbook than I have on school the past four years,” said CHS senior Laney Kenison, financial and advertising manager.

Some of the students worked themselves into the ground to get pages in on time and finish a book that many take for granted, though they do it because it is something they love. This year there were several rough patches, one being the car accident that impacted the community. One of the students, Stefanie Schmidt, was the sports editor in yearbook and a huge help to the staff. When news of the accident reached the class, it threw everyone off, especially the leadership. As the class recovered, it had a lot of catching up to do, but it only made this book that much more special.

The staff are not the only ones working hard, though — Quinn-Davis has been the adviser to the Carneta yearbook and The Senators News Magazine for 17 years. She has been in journalism for as long as she can remember, and when she began teaching, when it was her second year, she was pulled into the CHS publications class. Every year she has a new staff, and some kids stay and know what they are doing while others are new and learning the ropes.

Though the staff is always her favorite part, she said, “What I love is seeing students, some who have no experience, come in and look at me with this face like ‘what have I gotten myself into;’ then they just start falling into it, and they learn how to go and talk to people who they do not know about subjects they do not know much about and writing these very credible stories in a way they have never had to write before; some of them have never taken photos before and they say, I will try that and they go out, shoot, and come back with these fabulous photos.”

This memorable book is something created with blood, sweat, and tears, but it is worth it to those who love it.


Congratulations to the winners of the National Credit Union Youth Month contest. The contest is sponsored by the Greater Nevada Credit Union branch at CHS during the month of April. Trevor Young, Ernesto Lamas and Jayson Legott each won a $50 Visa gift card. In addition, GNCU gave $10 Gift of Membership coupons for students who opened a savings account. Contact Education Branch Coordinator Julie Slocum at 775-886-1440, or for information.


May 7-11 is a time to say something positive to all the teachers throughout the Carson City School District who lovingly, kindly, generously, and wholeheartedly educate the amazing students of Carson City. It isn’t necessary to offer to purchase a new automobile for them, of course, though this would be nice, too, but the teachers of CCSD, the greatest school district in the nation, a little bit of hyperbole never offended anyone, would definitely burn more brightly than they already do if people took the time to thank them.


As a thank you to all the CHS administrators, teachers, and staff, FCA spent its lunchtime in the staff parking lot washing windows. McMillen believed there would be a great weather day after the rain the night before. He even sent out an email reminding everyone to place a sticky note on the inside of their windshields if they desired to have their car windows washed. FCA is here, and CHS adviser Ty McMillen makes sure he and student members do their best to bless and serve everyone at CHS.


The Mother’s Day Plant Sale is May 12 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. There are many vegetable starts including tomatoes, peppers, squash, and cucumbers, as well as petunias and other ornamental plants. There will also be multiple vendors such as Full Circle Compost and Nevada Monarch Society. Through purchasing, visitors are supporting The Greenhouse Project’s multi-faceted mission: Feed the hungry of Carson City, provide urban agricultural education, and contribute to the beautification of downtown. The Greenhouse Project is located behind CHS, 1111 N. Saliman Road, at the south end of campus. To learn more about The Greenhouse Project, go to Facebook or Instagram, CCGreenhouseProject, visit, or call 775-600-9530.


The website is still up, running, and has some new resources and up-to-date testing information. The site is designed to provide resources for families to help make math fun at home. There are math apps and games to try, activities to do, and online homework help. Also posted are math competitions and math camps for students. Events coming up? Advertise them by using the contact option to let everyone know! Happy clicking.


CHS Athletic Department’s Athletes of the Week for April 30-May 4 are Zander Smokey for varsity boys golf and Kailee Luschar for varsity girls softball. These athletes, and all students who participate in school functions through leadership, clubs, and sports, deserve a high level of recognition and congratulations.


The CHS Student of the Week is Lauren Winne. Lauren is taking a multitude of different classes this year: Graphic Design II, Psychology, Honors English II, Chemistry, World History, Geometry, and Biology. She is a gentle and compassionate young lady who highly values the many blessings in her life. Regarding free time, Lauren says, “I really like to hang out with my friends, one of them being Alex Knowlton, go walking downtown with them, and I really like to target practice with my bow and arrows in my backyard.” Congratulations to Lauren for being Student of the Week.


This week’s Senior in the Spotlight is Morgan Nelson. Morgan has a weighted grade-point average of 3.7 and is currently taking Honors Government, Advanced Placement English Senior Literature, Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus, and a banking internship with Greater Nevada Credit Union. Morgan is a three-time Academic Award recipient and is currently a member of the National Society of High School Scholars and the National Honor Society. She has also found the time to dedicate herself to the CHS swim team for the past four years where she has made both regionals and state. Morgan will be attending University of Nevada, Reno in the fall. She is going to be majoring in behavioral analysis and psychology. Her dream is to become a social worker so that she can help others. We are so proud of Morgan and all of her accomplishments. We wish her the very best for her future, and we know she will succeed. Congratulations, Morgan!

Phil Brady is an English teacher at CHS. Lindsay Chowanski is one of three CHS Carneta editors.