Senator Square: Senators gear up for Homecoming week |

Senator Square: Senators gear up for Homecoming week

Angila Golik
For the Nevada Appeal

Homecoming is upon us, but just what is homecoming and where did the tradition originate? The NCAA, Jeopardy and Trivial Pursuit have officially sanctioned the University of Missouri as the originator of homecoming.

In 1911, Missouri’s athletic director Chester Brewer wanted to inaugurate the school’s new football field and so he invited all alumni to “come home” to see the new field and attend the football game against the University of Kansas. Brewer chose the game against Kansas because the state rivalry between the two states had existed since before the Civil War days when they frequently battled in “border wars.”

The event of 1911 was a huge success, drawing in more than 10,000 alumni and fans who attended various celebrations such as a parade, pep rally, parties, and of course, the football game. It is from this first “coming home” that schools around the country adopted the tradition.

Homecoming at Carson High includes many facets of the traditional event founded by Brewer but many more events, making homecoming at CHS a week-long celebration.

Blair Roman, head coach of the CHS football team will be undertaking his fourth homecoming. Under his coaching, the team has won every homecoming game, and we hope another win is in his future. While the football game is the culmination of the week’s events, other sports and activities keep the students and community entertained.

This year’s homecoming theme is “reality,” having some basis on the cultural phenomenon of reality television. Students are invited to take part each day in dress up days to show school pride and enthusiasm. Here are the daily activities for the week:

Monday: Class colors day – students wear a particular color T-shirt to show class unity. Freshmen: yellow. Sophomores: green. Juniors: red. Seniors: blue. Staff: pink (in honor of breast cancer awareness). Monday also includes a student assembly during the school day and the evening event is the popular lip sync competition at 7 p.m.

Tuesday: Twin day where students partner with a friend to dress the same. Sporting events this day include cross country at Damonte Ranch, girls soccer at Wooster, and volleyball at Spanish Springs. There is also a game of “Amazing Race” at 6 p.m. that requires teams of three students to participate, one of whom must be a driver.

Wednesday: Crazy colors day in which students are encouraged to wear as many colors as they can. Sporting events for the day include boys soccer at Wooster and volleyball at home against Manogue. Evening brings a “Cake Boss” event planned for 7 p.m. at the high school.

Thursday: “Match your float day” in which students are asked to wear something that matches the theme of their classes’ float. Recalling the theme of the week as “reality television,” floats are designed by class to match a particular show

Sporting event of the day is volleyball at Wooster. The traditional homecoming parade and bonfire takes place in the evening at 6:30 p.m.

Friday: Blue and white day where all students, staff and community members are encouraged to show their school pride and support by wearing as much blue and white as possible. Evening events include the football game at 7:30 p.m. versus Spanish Springs.

Half-time show will include the parade of class floats, the crowning of homecoming king and queen, and the announcement of the class winner of best float.

Saturday: The week concludes with boys and girls soccer matches at Manogue. The evening brings the traditional homecoming dance at 7 p.m. in Senator Square at the high school.

One of the newer additions to homecoming events was the tradition of naming a royalty court, whereby senior students pick members of their class as king and queen candidates. We congratulate the following seniors as our 2011 Homecoming Royalty Court. King candidates are Zach Bruce, Tim Grunert, Austin Pacheco, Logan Peternell, Chance Quilling and Dylan Sawyers. Queen candidates are Emily Collins, Camilla Dudley, Kristen Good, Amber Holbert, Sarah Hernandez and Leah Wegner.

We invite our community to attend all sporting events and evening activities. Come show your support and pride for the Senators.


The girls basketball and girls cross country teams are joining forces with Carson City Capital Ford to raise money for their teams. Drive One 4UR School is free to the public and only requires a person to test drive a new Ford car.

Ford Motor Company donates $20 back to our programs for each test drive taken. The event will be 9 a.m. Oct. 22 at the CHS north parking lot. Con

tact Coach Todd Ackerman at for more information


CHS honors Grocery Outlet as the Business of the Month for September. CHS appreciates all of the generosity and support throughout the school year of Grocery Outlet, including the use of their parking lot for car washes, as well as providing the supply of water which helps cut the costs for our clubs and athletic teams.

Other donations of food and supplies have been greatly appreciated by our students and staff.

Thank you Grocery Outlet for supporting CHS education!


This week, CHS is spotlighting senior Sarah Meckes. She has a weighted grade-point average of 3.89. Sarah participates in Link Crew, ProStart and Skills USA. Two years ago, Sarah won first at the state ProStart competition for Management, and last year she won second in the state for the Front of the House competition in Culinary.

She also works part-time for Carson City Parks and Recreation’s Latch Key program and devotes much of her time to her church. Next year, Sarah plans to attend UNR where she will major in geological engineering.

CHS is proud to call Sarah a Senator!


Answer to last week’s fact: Wendy Tims, special services educator.

New Fact: This person was asked to represent Lincoln County in the 1982 Miss Nevada Pageant.

• Angila Golik is a government and sociology teacher at CHS and a member of Senator Pride.