Senator Square: Welcome back, Carson High School Senators! |

Senator Square: Welcome back, Carson High School Senators!

Phillip Brady
For the Nevada Appeal
Carson High School’s girls tennis team.
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Monday is the first day of school for the 2016-2017 school year, so here’s a high-five, fist bump, fist pump, elbow bump, curtsey, cheek kiss, air kiss, hang-loose, Shaka bra, scout handshake, armed forces salute, Pabebe Wave, ILY sign, Grey Wolf salute, smile, applause, hand heart, two-finger salute, wave, kiss, hand shake, wink, hug, Vulcan salute, thumbs up, bow, nod, three-finger salute, kowtow, hongi, head bobble, hat tip (though these are against dress code), hand-kiss, genuflection, eyebrow raising, hand of Benediction, and Eskimo kiss as a welcome back to all of the returning students, teachers, and administrators of the Carson City School District. And just in case anyone missed it, Carson High School is starting Monday, Aug. 22 on a “C Day” schedule; students will attend all seven classes throughout the course of the day and will return to the regular A/B schedule on Tuesday, Aug. 23. To everyone out there returning to school Monday, please enjoy this last remaining day of summer break.


Required for all students in all extra-curricular activities, free entry to home games, and discounted dance tickets is the SBC sticker for $25. If you missed Senator Kick-Off, parking spaces are now $25. PE uniforms are also $25. Student ID cards will be provided, once school begins, to all students. The State of Nevada requires all students to have a picture student ID when registering for State of Nevada tests. Lockers are $10, and this fee covers all four years at CHS. Students who have already purchased a locker keep the same locker throughout their high school career. The $10 fee includes the lock with a $5 replacement fee for lost locks. There’s no sharing of lockers. Yearbooks may be pre-ordered for $80: see Mrs. Quinn-Davis in room 136. For more information, go to


The CHS Tennis Team had tryouts on Aug. 13. More than 24 girls and 20 boys tried out, and no one was cut. The team’s regular practices, which began on Aug. 15, happen directly after school from 2:30 until 4:30 p.m. CHS tennis players are excited for the fall 2016 season! Did they take the summer off and sleep in? No way! Many got up early, June through August, to play tennis in the Tahoe Tennis Academy, owned and operated by CHS Girls Tennis Coach Justin Clark. Boys coach Hal Wilkins was also out there on a weekly basis. “We were impressed that the boys and girls were dedicated enough to come out and play in the heat of Carson City’s summers four days a week,” coaches Clark and Wilkins said. Other players not in the program were consistently playing in preparation for the fall season as well. The Tahoe Tennis Academy is in its 3rd year in Carson City based at Centennial Park. Levels of tennis include beginner through advanced, so if interested in playing for CHS tennis teams next year get an early start and learn the game. Coach Clark is a former collegiate coach and player and has operated the program in South Lake Tahoe, Calif., since 2004. He’s also a certified United States Professional Tennis Association coach.

Both teams have older players, mainly juniors and seniors, and reaching the state championships is definitely looking good. Questions for CHS tennis coaches and Carson City School District teachers Clark and Wilkins? Send a message to


FCA is here, and CHS advisor Ty McMillen has some great ideas this year, not to mention the other FCA groups in the area. Currently, there are FCA groups at CHS, Dayton High School, and it tentatively looks like Douglas High School will also be participating for the 2016-17 school year. An FCA at Sierra Lutheran High School is also in the making. The goal of FCA this year is to foster unity and support between the groups. FCA is looking forward to a great year as they serve the Lord Jesus Christ by sharing him with students and encouraging students to share him as well. Leaders of the CHS FCA include teacher and advisor Ty McMillen, Charles Mann, also Living Stones Carson City Youth Director, and Phil Brady. Host of the Douglas High School FCA is Ginny Thomas, host of the Dayton High School FCA is Malaynia Wick. Also supporting FCA are Scott Riley, Student Ministries Pastor at Lifepoint, Brian Lucas, Student Ministries Director at Lifepoint, Andrew Lococo, Student Ministry Pastor at Centerpoint, Tim Plummer, Youth Pastor at 1st Presbyterian in Carson City, and Kurt Katzorke, Youth Pastor at Hilltop Community Church.


The purpose of a dress code is to promote a respectful learning environment free from distractions beginning on the first day of school. Clothing must be modest, and must not promote or glorify illegal, promiscuous, gang-related or racially-biased slogans or behaviors.

Any attire associated with gangs, profanity, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, violence or discrimination will not be acceptable on campus. Undergarments should not be visible. Sheer and see-through clothing isn’t allowed. Pajamas and slippers aren’t allowed. Blouses and shirts shouldn’t show cleavage, and skin shouldn’t be visible at midriff. Halter-tops, backless shirts, sleeveless shirts and strapless garments aren’t allowed. Shirts must have sleeves and cover the shoulders. Hats, caps, hoods, bandanas, scarves, and other head coverings aren’t to be worn inside school buildings. Sunglasses and gloves may not be worn in school buildings. Shorts, skirts and dresses must extend below the fingertips with arms in a relaxed position. Shoes must be worn at all times. No face painting concealing identity in any form is allowed, except when part of an approved school activity or senior project. Chains or other heavy apparel aren’t to be worn.

“Trench” style coats aren’t to be worn. Pants must be worn around the waste and properly fitted. Excessively baggy pants as well as excessively tight pants are unacceptable. Rips or tears in pants, shorts, and leggings must be below fingertip level with arms in relaxed position. Visit for more information on the student dress code.

Phil Brady is an English teacher at CHS.