Senator Tiffany faces ethics charges |

Senator Tiffany faces ethics charges

Appeal Capitol Bureau

State Sen. Sandra Tiffany, R-Henderson, faces a state Ethics Commission hearing in September charging she used her position as a Senator to push her private online auction business.

The opinion by a panel of the commission lists 20 allegations including that she introduced a bill in the 2005 Legislature designed to help her private business by enabling her to auction off surplus state vehicles without getting a broker or dealer’s license. The opinion states she signed a sole-source non-competitive contract with the state to handle those auctions the same week her legislation was introduced.

Tiffany presented an opinion by the Legislative Counsel saying there was no legal violation in introducing that bill, which ultimately died without being passed.

The report to the full commission also contains affidavits from officials in other states saying Tiffany visited them presenting herself as a Nevada Senator seeking information on the process of auctioning off surplus vehicles and property. Only afterward, they said, did she present her business proposals seeking contracts not only with Nevada but as many as eight other states.

If the accusations are proven at the Sept. 13 hearing, Tiffany could be fined up to $5,000 for a first violation, $10,000 for a second and $25,000 for subsequent violations.

If her conduct is ruled willful, she could face criminal charges by the Attorney General or even impeachment proceedings in the Nevada Legislature.

Tiffany, a Republican who represents Henderson, could not be reached for comment.