Senior center considers new design |

Senior center considers new design

Rhonda Costa-Landers, Appeal Staff Writer
Janice McIntosh sits in the library of the Carson City Senior Citizen's Center with an artists rendering of the center after it has undergone an expansion. Photo by Brian Corley

Janice McIntosh, director of the Carson City Senior Citizens Center, presented new architect renderings of the center’s expansion at a special goal-setting session of the Carson City Board of Supervisors on Friday.

The new design varies from the old center in that it is a single-story expansion to the east of the existing building with a courtyard in between the two structures.

“Last year, our goal was to have the expansion complete by June,” McIntosh said. “Well, unfortunately, it didn’t happen.

“This year, we have a goal to have the expansion completed in about 16 months. Much of the initial infrastructure work has already been completed, saving some time.”

Initial architectural plans went more than $300,000 over budget and caused a delay in the expansion project. After securing Hannafin/Darney Architectures in Carson City, plans were approved in September and are moving forward with cost analysis and preparation to send out for bids.

“The new floor plan is pretty much the same as the two-story idea; we simply took it off the top and placed it next to the existing building. It’s a little more than 14,000 square-feet, putting the total space of the center at 31,000 square-feet. The cost should be less than $3 million.”

The expansion takes place on 4.48 acres of donated Bureau of Land Management property. Former Sen. Richard Bryan, D-Nev., helped provide the land to the city for use for senior services. It will have extra parking spaces.

McIntosh said the two buildings will be connected with a hallway. A few stairs will be on one side and a ramp for the disabled will be installed. The hallway leads to a courtyard with a sitting area and a fountain.

“The new plans allow for the courtyard and seating area, which can be used for breaks, fund-raisers and a multi-purpose area,” McIntosh said. “It’s really impressive.

“Metcalf Builders, who have served as construction managers for this project, and the city have been wonderful partners on this. We have a really good team here and they deserve a big pat on the back.”

Mayor Ray Masayko said the plan looks good.

“They have a design-build concept,” Masayko said.

“From what I saw, the renderings look very doable. They have a strategy that indicates they have some items they can removed if it runs over budget.”

McIntosh said the first big part of the project will be new flooring in the kitchen area. The estimated completion is in January. She said she hopes construction for the expansion will begin in March.

“The March date is contingent on bids coming in within our budget,” she said.

The addition will be the site for all activities at the center such as exercise groups, games, dances and fund-raisers. It will have a pick-up and drop-off area with a portecochere. The existing building will be for administration, kitchen and dining room.

“The time frame indicates it should go to bid late this winter, in early 2003, and they predict about a 16-month construction window.

“And from what I saw on the single-story plan it will be a lot less disruptive than the two-story concept.”