Senior menus for May 17 |

Senior menus for May 17

Note: Lunch menus for the week of May 17 subject to change without notice. Choice of beverage included.


Carson City Senior Citizens Center, 911 Beverly Dr.:

Monday: Mixed veggies, grapes, whole wheat bread with margarine

Tuesday: Asian chicken salad, crackers, Mandarin oranges, cookie

Wednesday: Country-fired steak with gravy, chuckwagon corn, apricots, biscuit with margarine

Thursday: Fish sandwich, carrot/raisin salad, vegetable pasta salad, apple

Friday: Roast pork loin, apple stuffing, peas, tossed salad, peaches


Dayton Senior Center, 320 Old Dayton Valley Road:

Monday: Veal cutlet, mashed potatoes/gravy, spinach, pears

Tuesday: Chef’s salad, beets/onions, apple juice, strawberry shortcake

Wednesday: Minestrone soup, sliced tomato, romaine lettuce, French dressing, kiwi

Thursday: Barbecued beef sandwich, Tater Tots, broccoli, pineapple/pear crisp

Friday: Chicken fettuccini Alfredo, asparagus, garlic bread, mixed salad, plums, cake, ice cream


Douglas County Senior Center, 2300 Meadow Lane:

Monday: Pork egg roll, fried rice, sweet & sour sauce, marinated vegetable salad, fruit cup

Tuesday: Sloppy Joes, peas & carrots, celery sticks, apple crisp

Wednesday: Cram of spinach soup, chicken salad sandwich, lettuce, tomato, orange wedges, muffin

Thursday: Beef chili with cornbread, cheese & onions, broccoli salad, pink lemonade, pudding & fruit dessert

Friday: Warm apple cider, roasted turkey & gravy, bread stuffing, corn, colorful salad with French dressing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie


Silver Springs Senior Center, 1050 Pyramid Ave.:

Monday: Polish sausage, sauerkraut, rolls, beets, mixed fruit

Tuesday: Pork adobo, rice, mixed veggies, fortune cookies, strawberry yogurt with peaches

Wednesday: Shepherd’s pie, spinach, roll, apple crisp

Thursday: Beef stew, noodles, biscuit, garden salad, mixed fruit

Friday Breakfast 9:30: French toast, bacon, eggs, V8, orange juice, mixed fruit


Storey County Senior Citizens Center, corner of E and Mill streets in Virginia City:

Monday: Chicken Caesar salad, bread sticks, dessert

Tuesday: Beef stir fry, white rice, salad

Wednesday Birthday Lunch: Oriental chicken salad, dessert

Thursday: Reubens, coleslaw, french fries, salad

Friday: Breakfast buffet


Yerington Senior Center, 117 Tilson Way:

Monday: Swiss steak, herb veggie medley, green salad, rolls, bread pudding with sauce

Tuesday: Chicken with chive sauce, rice, zucchini with chopped bacon & onion, fruit cup, ice cream sundae with syrup choice

Wednesday: Stuffed pork chops, broccoli with butter sauce, carrot salad, Jello with fruit & whipped topping, sherbet

Thursday: Barbecued cheeseburger, potato salad, baked beans, deviled eggs, brownies

Friday Birthday Dinner 5 p.m.: Beef stroganoff over noodles, sweet potato souffle, tossed green salad, strawberry shortcake with whipped cream