Seniors bring big show to smaller stage |

Seniors bring big show to smaller stage

Karen Woodmansee
Nevada Appeal Staff Writer

With successful performances at the Carson City Community Center and Piper’s Opera House, the Senior Follies Wild Wild West show is coming to Gold Hill.

Norma Conway, who wrote and is directing the show, said Friday’s show at the Gold Hill Hotel only has four fewer cast members than the Carson City and Virginia City versions earlier this year, but a lot less space to perform in.

“It’s just a hoot to play that stage (the Great Room of the Gold Hill Hotel),” said Conway. “It’s a good-sized cast, and we play in the aisles and on the steps and take up the whole stage.”

She said all but four of the 36 cast members that performed in Carson City and Virginia City would be in the Gold Hill show, set for 7 p.m. Friday.

“This cast is not ready to give this up,” she said. “Every opportunity we have, they say, ‘sure, yeah, we’ll do it.'”

She said the cast and songs are about the same, and it will last about two hours and be paired with a four-course gourmet meal. Show and meal cost $45 a person. Reservations are recommended by calling 847-0111.

The show has two sides, men’s and women’s campouts, and features old-time Western songs and gospel, thanks to the fact that one character is a preacher.

There is also a lively saloon scene that includes line and honky-tonk dancing.

“It’s just a real upbeat, fun Western-type show,” she said. “There’s a mixture of Old West, gospel and newer crooner type music.”

She got the idea for the Wild Wild West show from the auditions for the Senior Follies, she said.

“There were a lot of voices, and they used the Western music for audition pieces,” she said. “It was on the top of my head I guess. It worked for me, and it was really suitable for the seniors. It’s also music I’m very fond of. I was raised with Country-Western music.”

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