Seniors work to fund new food program for students |

Seniors work to fund new food program for students

Rhonda Costa-Landers
Appeal Staff Writer

With just a short walk in a garden or participation in an exercise class, the residents of Sierra Place in Carson City will have made a donation to the “Food for Thought” program.

Robin Meyer, wellness director at Sierra Place, said the residents asked her to look into a community program to which they could contribute. Meyer was put in touch with Rebecca Rund, president of Food For Thought, who visited Sierra Place to talk with the residents.

“It (the program) seemed to be a good fit for us,” Meyer said. “The residents could tell it was a worthwhile cause.”

A pilot program at Fritsch Elementary School, Food for Thought provides a bag of food for homeless children to take with them every Friday.

“This is a win-win situation for the seniors and us,” said Rund. “It is a way for the seniors to realize they’re a valuable part of this community, and we get the financial benefit of their fundraiser.”

The residents begin with a walk-a-thon at 10 a.m. Saturday. Their efforts will continue for six weeks. They will also participate in games and contests. Each time they participate in an exercise program or walk three laps in the garden, they will earn a ticket.

“The residents will turn their tickets in, and at the end of the program our parent company, Kiscko, will reimburse us cash for each ticket that we will then donate to the program,” Meyer said. “The residents actually wanted to do something longer than six weeks, so this may be an ongoing thing.”

Food For Thought began Dec. 4. Rund said her goal is to give out 300 bags of food every Friday.

“There are 370-450 homeless children at any given time in Carson City,” Rund said. “There is no reason any child in Carson City cannot eat every day.”

Rund has partnered with Ron Wood Family Resource Center so they can operate as a subsidiary. Ron Wood Family Resource Center will handle deposits and expense checks of Food For Thought.

They are also working with Elizabeth and Alan Dorway, who are with Dialogue to End Childhood Hunger. Rund said the list of children in need comes from school administrative staff.

“This program is in about 200 schools across the U.S.,” she said. “When the children get nourishment, test scores increase 25-40 percent and absences decrease by 40 percent. There are also less behavioral problems.

“It is proven that children without proper nutrition, their ability to learn is diminished. With it, the kids are doing better in school.”

Rund said children who are not homeless but may be in need are added to the list. They add and subtract names from the list as needed.

“We never thought this program would be as productive as it has been,” Rund said. “But it has been awesome. The kids are so excited to receive the food. It is a great program.”

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You can help

WHAT: Food for Thought

WHERE: Fritsch Elementary School, 504 Bath St.

HOW: Food; monetary donations

Contact: or 883-1011

Send monetary donations to: Food For Thought, P.O. Box 656, Carson City, NV 89702-656

Desired food donations:

Microwaveable soups; individual serving juice boxes; non-refrigerated pudding; single-serving bags of trail mix; single-serving bags of beef jerky; crackers with peanut butter or cheese; canned or freeze dried meats; sets of cheese and beef sticks; power bars, etc.

If you go

WHAT: Walk-a-thon

WHEN: 10 a.m. Saturday

WHERE: Sierra Place, 1111 W. College Parkway


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