Seven Carson City businesses sell alcohol to minors |

Seven Carson City businesses sell alcohol to minors

Nevada Appeal Staff Report

Seven out of fourteen Carson City businesses served alcohol to minors on Saturday during a compliance check conducted by the Carson City Sheriff’s Office.

The compliance check included two underage decoys working with two sheriff deputies. The decoys used their actual identification while attempting to purchase alcohol. The checks are conducted with grant money from the Nevada Juvenile Programs Justice Office.

The grant program includes “server training education”, which businesses can send employees to by contacting Linda Lang at 775-882-6674.

The businesses that failed the compliance check over the weekend are:

– Slotworld, 3879 Highway 50 E.

– Jackpot Crossing Casino, 1897 N. Edmonds Dr.

– Katie’s Bar, 3481 Highway 50 E.

– Jimmy G’s Cigar Bar, 301 N. Carson St.

– Sierra Wines, 1422 Highway 50 E.

– Jackson Texaco, 1615 East 5th St.

– Eagle Valley Market, 933 Woodside Dr.

For failing the compliance check, the employee who sold the alcohol to the minor is fined $632 and must attend a training session on serving alcohol.

For the business, the fine is $100 for a first-time offense, $500 for a second and $1,500 with the potential of losing a liquor license on the third.