Shattered front door at Legislature draws concern; was caused by accident |

Shattered front door at Legislature draws concern; was caused by accident

Geoff Dornan / Nevada AppealA glass door at the Nevada Legislature was accidentally broken by a worker who was trying to repair it.

A shattered front door drew numerous concerned looks from people arriving at the Nevada Legislature Thursday.But it wasn’t any kind of attack that caused the damage, Legislative officials said.One of the two main entry doors at the front of the building was replaced by a sheet of plywood following an accident by a workman trying to repair and adjust the door.The worker from a local glass company was called because legislative maintenance staffers were concerned any attempts they could make to stop the tempered glass panel from rubbing on the bottom might damage it.They were proved right when the glass company worker had just that happen to him. As he tried to adjust the panel, a legislative police officer who witnessed the accident said the door shattered into “a thousand pieces.”Tempered glass is designed to break into numerous small and roughly square, not sharp, pieces to prevent serious injury.“Well, it’s not rubbing anymore,” said one Legislative Counsel Bureau employee.LCB Director Rick Combs said a new door has been ordered, but it will take several days because it has to be custom-made by a California company.He said he expects the glass company’s insurance policy will cover the cost, which hasn’t been determined.