Sheriff’s bust large "meth" lab in Mark Twain |

Sheriff’s bust large "meth" lab in Mark Twain

Geoff Dornan, Appeal Capitol Bureau

Sheriff’s deputies from Lyon and Storey counties raided what they described as a large methamphetamine laboratory in Mark Twain along the Storey-Lyon county line early Tuesday.

Two men were arrested on suspicion of a list of crimes, including trafficking and manufacturing methamphetamine.

Storey County sheriff’s spokesman John Tyson said David Giovacchini, 43, was ordered held in lieu of $114,330 bail and Jonathan S. Lyle, 46, was held in lieu of $118,615 bail at the county jail in Virginia City.

Tyson and Lyon sheriff’s Lt. Allen Veil both described the lab as very large, but they were unable to estimate how much of the illegal drug it was capable of producing.

Veil said the deputies who made the arrests backed off when they saw what was inside the house at 503 Sam Clemens Ave. and called for the lab team from the Nevada Division of Investigations.

Veil said he made that decision based on the amount of chemicals used to make the drug, equipment and finished methamphetamine discovered by deputies.

“From what the guys are saying, there are a lot of chemicals inside,” he said.

Veil said it could take a day or so to secure the scene because of the danger of fire as well as the danger of exposure to the chemicals used to make methamphetamine. The investigations lab team, he said, was wearing full protective gear to enter the home.

“It’s going to be very slow and tedious.”

In addition to the chemicals and drugs found at the site, Veil said numerous weapons were confiscated.

The arrests followed a month-long investigation. Veil said no other arrests are expected to be made in connection with the raid.