Sheriff’s candidate Guimont fined for expense report errors |

Sheriff’s candidate Guimont fined for expense report errors

by F.T. Norton

Carson City sheriff’s candidate Bob Guimont has been fined by the Secretary of State’s Office for failing to list in-kind donations on his campaign contributions and expenses report.

In a letter to Guimont dated July 6, Deputy Secretary of Elections Matt Griffin states that Guimont’s use of Glen Eagles Restaurant, Empire Ranch Golf Course and Carson City Harley-Davidson for campaign events should have been noted as in-kind contributions. An in-kind contribution is a gift of goods or services in place of a monetary donation to a campaign.

“In the ordinary course, businesses charge for the use of their facilities, and even in circumstances where a business frequently allows use free of charge, Nevada’s law does not permit this type of gift to a campaign free of charge,” Griffin wrote.

In June, Carson City resident Dennis Johnson filed a complaint with the Secretary of State’s Office noting that Guimont failed to list any in-kind donations on his expense report – specifically events held at Harley-Davidson, Glen Eagles and Empire Ranch Golf Course.

In a written response to the Secretary of State’s Office concerning the complaint, Guimont noted that the use of those businesses were offerings from the owners. In exchange for the use of the rooms, the businesses hoped to make a profit off those attending.

“I thought it fell under volunteer, like a home social,” said Guimont on Wednesday. “We advertised them so we were not trying to hide them in any way, shape or form.”

Griffin directed Guimont to request billing statements of the in-kind value of the services provided, amend his expenses report and pay a $250 civil penalty, which cannot be paid from campaign funds. The corrections must be filed by July 29.