Sheriff’s Office warns about solicitors |

Sheriff’s Office warns about solicitors

Nevada Appeal Staff Report

The Carson County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents to beware of unsavory door-to-door solicitors, an increasing problem during the summer months.

Have solicitors been in your neighborhood? Would you know if the person or persons coming to your door to sell you a product is in compliance with the law?

Under the city code, it’s is unlawful for any solicitor or canvasser to engage in such business within Carson City without first obtaining a permit. Solicitors must first obtain a Carson City business license and then go to the sheriff’s office to obtain a solicitor’s permit.

Potential solicitors are required to provide valid identification with a photograph, and are then checked for wants and warrants. If the individual is clear, he or she is then photographed and fingerprinted before a solicitor’s permit is issued.

A proper solicitor’s permit, or badge, will always contain a photograph, name, issuance date, expiration date and an assigned number, including Carson City Sheriff’s Office at the top. The permit is required to be displayed in a conspicuous manner when soliciting.

Solicitors may operate in Carson City only from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

If a solicitor comes to your home, their permit should be in plain view. Ask to see their permit. If they do not comply or become aggressive, shut your door and lock it.

If you feel threatened or are harmed in any way, call 911.

You are not obligated to buy a product, and do not owe the solicitor an explanation.

If you see criminal or suspicious activity, contact the Carson City Sheriff’s Office non-emergency dispatch center at 887-2011.