Shoppers show generosity outside local businesses |

Shoppers show generosity outside local businesses

Sandi Hoover

While snow fell in Carson City Saturday morning, Toys for Tots volunteers and a Salvation Army bell-ringer stood outside Walmart in north Carson City to receive donations from holiday shoppers.

Shelly Figueroa thanked donors at the Toys for Tots barrel on the east side of the store with her daughter Hailee, while U.S. Marine Corps. Staff Sgt. Neal Renwick accepted gifts.

One shopper, Ed Deusenberry, shook Renwick’s hand and thanked him for his military service as he handed over a packaged toy.

“We help when we can,” Deusenberry said. “My son and daughter and son-in-law serve in the military and my grandson is going into the Navy in January, so anytime I see these guys I shake their hand. I’m from the Vietnam era, so I think it’s important to let them know I appreciate them.”

Deusenberry said he selected a toy gun with Nerf bullets because he knows first-hand how fun they are for kids.

“All my grandsons have them. They come over and shoot the place up, but no one gets hurt and no windows get broken,” he said.

Renwick said many people come up and shake his hand to thank him, whether they donate or not.

He said he was stationed at the west side of the store earlier in the day, and people were giving more cash donations at that end, since it was the grocery side.

Figueroa said by mid-morning, Toys for Tots had already collected about six barrels full of toys for less-fortunate children in the community to make Christmas a little brighter.

Another person dropping a toy into the barrel was Cindy Cullen of Washoe Valley.

“I do this every year, but I think it needs to be thought of all year,” she said. “I try to teach my 9-year-old daughter, Katie, that it’s important to give because we have so much compared to some people.”

Frank Hobbs, a bell-ringer for the Salvation Army, said people had been generous so far that morning.

“We’re getting some pretty good donations this year,” he said.

To find out how to donate, contact Joyce Buckingham at 775-884-2269.