Shopping locally: The gift that keeps on giving |

Shopping locally: The gift that keeps on giving

the Nevada Appeal Editorial Board

Even in tough times, most of us will continue the longstanding tradition of holiday shopping. Reports are showing that this year, more than ever, we are looking for bigger bargains and more efficient ways of getting it all done.

With this in mind, let’s also consider the benefits of shopping at locally owned stores here in Carson City.

Out of habit, most of us will drive to Reno, pull up a page on the Internet or spend a weekend perusing the aisles of a big discount chain. We are trained to spend our time and money where we think we’ll get the most value.

Let’s also consider the value of eliminating the commute and/or time in front of the computer for a more rewarding experience. By shopping at locally owned Carson City stores you’ll be doing more than creating a new holiday tradition. After your money leaves your pocket, it continues to live a healthy life, creating wealth, jobs and city improvements through sales tax. Money spent in locally owned businesses has significantly more impact on our community than dollars spent elsewhere.

So, this year, keep your money in Carson City. As you’re purchasing gifts for friends and family members, shop at local stores and give the added gift of sustaining our community. We think you’ll have more fun, too.