Silver Dollars and Wooden Nickels |

Silver Dollars and Wooden Nickels

Nevada Appeal Editorial Staff

SILVER DOLLAR: To the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northern Nevada, for continuously giving the children in our community the encouragement and support they need and deserve. On Friday night, executive director Hal Hansen oversaw the annual Youth Awards ceremony, recognizing exemplary boys and girls as well as staff and volunteers. Here’s two thumbs up for Hansen and the good work he does.

SILVER DOLLAR: To Nevada Supreme Court Associate Chief Justice Michael Cherry for being open and compassionate about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in war veterans. During the Carson City Navy League dinner on Wednesday at the Gold Dust West, Cherry said that as a country, “we do owe them something.” It’s refreshing, and constructive, for respected leaders to shine the light of possible healing on such sensitive mental health issues.

SILVER DOLLAR: To Dayton resident Laurie Olson and her family, for sharing their wonderful story about tracking down a box of heirloom family photos as part of a genealogy project. The family’s online sleuthing, patience and resourcefulness made for a great story with a happy ending. Thanks for sharing!

SILVER DOLLAR: To the planners, artists and city officials behind Carson City’s History in Motion project, which entails beautifying overpasses and soundwalls with artistic etchings that evoke the past of Nevada and the West. It’s nice when plans come together in a concrete way.