Silver Dollars & Wooden Nickels |

Silver Dollars & Wooden Nickels

Nevada Appeal Editorial Board

SILVER DOLLAR: To members of the strategic planning committee that created steps to make an ambitious school vision plan a reality. The vision statement was formed out of two board workshops in August to collect community insight, and panel members toiled to create five workable themes: Community Partnership; Engaged Parents; Healthy Students; Curriculum; Exceptional Administrators, Teachers and Staff. According to student committee member Jody Ostrander: “The community stepped up, came together and listened.” We couldn’t say it any better.

SILVER DOLLAR: To Gov. Brian Sandoval for eschewing the possible political fallout and making the call on two key issues. No matter your opinion concerning the extension of tax hikes or nuclear waste and Yucca Mountain, you must admire the state leader’s unflinching, decisive action to serve Nevadans as he sees fit – opinions be damned!

WOODEN NICKEL: To the U.S. Department of Agriculture for ever having contracted to buy “pink slime” to serve as beef to schoolkids. It’s made from fatty bits of beef left over from other cuts, and it’s mixed with ammonia. What part of that sounds tasty?

WOODEN NICKEL: To political candidates (usually on the fringe) who try to include cutesy nicknames on election ballots. Nicknames, especially those carrying a philosophical message of some sort, are childish and unsuited to being a part of a serious process. Kudos to Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller for denying candidate nicknames “Occupy” and “WarNoMo” a spot on the ballot.