Silver Springs GID to come up with sludge plan |

Silver Springs GID to come up with sludge plan

Karen Woodmansee
Appeal Staff Writer

The Silver Springs General Improvement District board agreed to spend $25,000 to complete a study to dispose of solid waste at the community’s sewage treatment plant.

Bob Loding, the plant operator, told the board at its Tuesday meeting that due to requirements from the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection, he has started a pilot study on what to do with 750,000 gallons of sludge in one of the ponds.

“The engineers that designed the plant created two ponds, and one is empty,” he said. “NDEP noticed that the other is getting full.”

Loding said he has to have the plan complete with board approval by the end of June.

He said the plant produces 4,000 gallons of sludge a day, or 200 pounds of dry solids.

Over the seven years since the plant was built, Loding said, that equates to more than 200 tons of dry solids.

Loding said most large treatment systems have ongoing sludge removal programs that remove water from the sludge through a centrifuge or mechanical press. He estimated the cost for the press at about $250,000.

The more cost-effective option, he said, was to get huge bags to which sludge is added along with a coagulant that allows the water to drain out, leaving dry solid waste to be hauled away to a landfill.

“When the plant is expanded, we’ll have to design a de-watering plan for sludge,” Loding said.

He said he can get free bags and lumber and the main cost will be to load and haul the dry solids, which he estimated at $25,000.

“We’re not going to de-water immediately, but within a year,” he said.

Loding said NDEP didn’t want the dry solids spread over farmers’ fields because of nitrate concerns.

He said it could be stored at the plant, and masking agents will help cut down on any odor.

The board also passed a tentative budget, that, with the $25,000 cost, was out of balance by about $83,000. The GID has, with the sludge plan cost, about $386,000 in expenses and $303,000 in revenue.

Board member Chrysti Barbee walked out in the middle of the 90-minute budget discussion, saying “keep dragging it out,” as she left.

The board did not vote on other issues at the meeting, including action against an employee, whose hearing was held in closed session. A legal services contract submitted by attorney Kevin Walsh was tabled, and the board narrowly approved on a 3-2 vote paying Walsh for his services in January, when Chairman Bob Freeman hired him to look into the legality of member Kay Bennett taking a seat on the board.

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