Simpson renews challenge of conviction |

Simpson renews challenge of conviction

Nevada Appeal Capitol Bureau

O.J. Simpson has filed a petition for rehearing of his petition to overturn his conviction on kidnapping and robbery charges, arguing the three-justice panel didn’t properly interpret the case law on judicial prejudice and prosecutorial misconduct.

Simpson was convicted by a Las Vegas jury over an armed confrontation in a Strip hotel during which he attempted to reclaim property and memorabilia he said belonged to him. He was sentenced to 33 years in prison.

Among the allegations he raised were that two African-American jurors were improperly eliminated, that his cross-examination of key witnesses was limited improperly and that his lawyers weren’t allowed to probe potential jurors about his highly publicized trial in the deaths of his ex-wife Nicole and a male friend. He was acquitted in that case.

The petition for rehearing says his lawyers were unconstitutionally denied the right to question potential jurors to determine whether they were biased and believed he had gotten away with murder.

The petition also questions why the only two African-Americans in the jury pool were eliminated, saying that should qualify the case for rehearing.

The petition also renews allegations of witness intimidation, which were rejected by the justices.

Simpson remains imprisoned at the state’s Lovelock institution. He won’t be eligible for parole until he has served at least nine years.