Six Mile project gets approval after resolving drainage problems |

Six Mile project gets approval after resolving drainage problems

Karen Woodmansee
Appeal Staff Writer

Now that drainage problems from Six Mile Canyon have been worked out, Century Oak Development is ready to begin work on the Silverhorn development: 135 lots on 54.33 acres between Melanie Road and Ambrose Lane in Dayton.

According to Dennis Smith, of Western Engineering, the problem is too much water flow along the Six Mile Canyon wash, heading to the Carson River. It often overfills the Cardelli ditch and floods homes in the area, south of Highway 50.

Smith said the drainage plan includes channeling the wash through culverts and controlling the amount of water draining into the ditch.

“We’re trying to reduce the flow and avoid damage downstream,” he said. “It’s going to solve the problem. We’ll detain it and release it slowly, increase the time that it flows so we can put in the improvements.”

He said 3,792 cubic feet per second can sometimes flow down Six Mile Canyon, and the plan is to reduce it to 230 cubic square feet.

Smith said the drainage comes under the highway bordering the Brookhaven development through the Silverhorn project, meanders a bit, then crosses Sandifer Lane and River Road. He said Century Oaks was working with property owners in the area to give drainage easements to the county.

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The tentative map for Silverhorn was approved by the Lyon County Commission on Thursday, now that the drainage plan has been created.

Commission Chairman Bob Milz praised the developers for working with other property owners to solve the drainage problems.

“This is a well-planned project,” he said. “When I first became commissioner, we just listened to the developer and OK’d what they wanted. Now we have a relationship with developers and with staff.”

Smith said a planned homeowner’s association will maintain the drainage channel.

“We’ll put in the drainage plan, show the county how it works and off we go,” Smith said.

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