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‘Smack Dog’ wins throwdown

Rhonda Costa
Nevada Appeal Staff Writer

In the first-ever challenge between Mustang Sallie and Greg “Smack Dog” Hendricks as to who makes the best biscuits and gravy, Smack Dog has been named the winner.

By vote of 100 and one-half beans to 28 and one-half beans, Smack Dog’s recipe of gravy with sausage took the vote over Mustang Sallie’s creamy gravy.

“I don’t know who chewed that one bean in half, but that is the final count,” said “Honest Abe.”

“I feel pretty good about winning,” Hendricks said. “I’m tickled pink.

“I haven’t run across any better gravy than this recipe in the past 25 years. It has a couple of secret ingredients that work that no one else has come up with.”

The challenge served as a fundraiser to benefit the Carson City Raiders Booster Club, who adopts homebound senior citizens at Christmas time. Owners Stu and Donna Miller presented a check to the club for $1,100.

They had collected $234 before the event.

“We’re (Carson City Raiders Booster Club) very appreciative to Mustang Sallie and Smack Dog for doing this fundraiser to support us and the people who came out to support it,” said Leni Manning, club member. “This is just awesome.”

David Montgomery attended the challenge with his neighbor, Ed Hendricks.

“I like B ” it had meat in it,” Montgomery said. “If I had two beans I would vote for both.”

“I like B because it tastes better,” Hendricks said. “Greg is my son but I don’t know which one is his.”

“B is more full-flavored,” said Nancie Pitts. “And it’s great they actually served a full breakfast.”

“I liked B, too,” David Pitts said. “It passed the taste test.”

Mustang Sallie estimated 160 people attended the event. Several came in simply to drop off a donation.

“We made 160 biscuits and they’re all gone,” she said. “But this was a ‘we’ effort, not an ‘I’ effort. We did this so the Carson City Raiders Booster Club could adopt all those seniors and buy them gifts. We did this because of what they were doing.

“And trust me, I didn’t do it because I’m a Raiders fan, I’m a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan. I like to talk smack about the Raiders. But it was the club’s cause that made me do it.”

And so it has begun. Mustang Sallie’s cook, Bill Seibert, who volunteered his time to help Sunday, already is cooking up another fundraiser with Smack Dog to benefit multiple sclerosis, and Mustang Sallie next wants to help out the Children’s Museum of Northern Nevada.

One good benefit paid forward to another. And with the first biscuits and gravy challenge has come another challenge. Eric Sherwood of Dayton attended the throwdown and made a public challenge to whoever was proclaimed winner.

“I’ll take that challenge,” said Smack Dog. “Maybe in 30 or 60 days we’ll do it. I’ll have to ask Stu.

“But thanks to Mustang Sallie, too. I couldn’t have done this without her and her crew. She’s made it work.”

Sherwood said he used to cook for Grandma Hattie’s, Scotty’s and had his own place in Dayton. Though he now works with cement, he’s ready to challenge Smack Dog.

“I’ll whip that gravy out,” Sherwood said. “I think I can beat him. I definitely want to challenge Smack Dog and do it as a fundraiser for the elderly.”

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