Smoke-free Nugget opens in Fernley |

Smoke-free Nugget opens in Fernley

Nevada Appeal News Service

The Fernley Nugget opened last week as the very first smoke-free facility in Nevada that was built from the ground up.

“We’re very proud of that,” said General Manager Scott Tate.

Tate said they decided to build a smoke-free facility because developers believe the market can handle it, but it still isn’t a sure thing.

“It’s a very risky move,” Tate said.

The idea of having a smoke-free facility grew out of customer comments and requests from other casinos owned by the same company as the Fernley Nugget, which includes the Fallon Nugget, Fallon Bonanza Inn, the Silver Springs Nugget, and the Comstock and Cactus Jack’s Senator Club in Carson City.

“We pride ourselves in being close to our guests and listening to them and their desires,” Tate said.

Tate said developers think that there are many non-smokers who enjoy gaming but do not get to participate because of the prevailing smoking environment.

“Just by providing a smoke-free environment, I think it will make it inviting to those people who do not smoke cigarettes,” Tate said.

So far things are running very well, and there hasn’t been much complaining from smokers.

“We haven’t experienced a lot of negativity or discomfort,” Tate said. “They’ve been very respectful.”

The Fernley Nugget may also be doing well because they’re offering much more than smoke-free air.

The Fernley Nugget also has seven 65-inch and five 42-inch LCD HD televisions, two water features, a fireplace, a Black Bear Diner, live Texas Hold-Em poker and 175 slot machines.

“We pride ourselves on having liberal slots,” Tate said.

Fernley Nugget developers are also in the process of establishing a Sports Wagering venue in January.

Tate added that people feel more at home in the Nugget and associated casinos because of the wonderful staff.

“We have employees who are very sensitive and truly care about the guests,” Tate said.

The Fernley Nugget opened last Wednesday, but there are plans for a grand opening on Saturday Dec. 6, which Tate said will include promotional games, cake, champagne and a party from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m.

The Fernley Nugget is located at 1190 E. Main St. in Fernley. For more information call 775-423-3111.