So, where are all those Carson cities |

So, where are all those Carson cities

by staff

While there are only two cities in the United States with the distinction of being named Carson City, there are numerous Carsons dotting the country.

So where are all of those Carsons? Everywhere.

Towns with the name of Carson have found residences in 6 states – Washington, New Mexico, California, Iowa, North Dakota and Mississippi. Though not pure Carsons, Kit Carson and Fort Carson, an army post, inhabit Colorado.

The most eerily similar town to Nevada’s capital is Carson, Iowa. The town is surrounded by Minden, Silver City and Henderson. There is a Dayton in Central Iowa but it isn’t as close to Carson, Iowa, as the other towns.

The largest Carson, excluding Carson City, Nev., is Carson, Calif., with a little over 20,000 residents. Carson, Calif., is smack in the middle of Los Angeles County, just a few miles from Compton.

Otherwise, most Carsons remain in rural areas and more similar to Carson City, Mich., with relatively small populations.

Carson, Wash., is right at the border of Oregon and Washington near the Cook River. Two Daytons are located in Washington also. One west of Tacoma across Puget Sound and another in the south eastern region of the state, north of Walla Walla.

North Dakota’s Carson has a population of 383 and is 40 miles south west of Bismark, the state’s capital.

Carson, Miss., lies about 40 miles north west of Hattiesburg in the southern region of the state.