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Special session: Assembly passes bill allowing counties, cities 4/10 schedule

Nevada Appeal Capitol Bureau

UPDATED to clarify state office 4/10 schedule

The Assembly voted 41-0 Sunday to give counties and cities the flexibility to operate on a four day a week, 10 hour a day schedule if that saves them money.

AB2 originally applied not only to county offices but state agencies and gave extensive freedom for them to adjust hours and days of operation. But there were concerns that a state agency could cut back public hours far more than acceptable.

Assemblywoman Marilyn Kirkpatrick D-Las Vegas, said an amendment was agreed upon in subcommittee to remove the language permitting wide latitude to state offices to use a 4/10 schedule on a permanent basis.

State agencies, however, will have four-day weeks for this coming year under the terms of SB3 which has already been approved by both houses of the Legislature. That language sunsets at the end of the biennium, requiring state agencies to go back to five day weeks.

Without the amendment, AB2 would have been a permanent change for state agencies, not temporary.

For counties, the language in AB2 as approved by the Assembly is permissive, not mandatory, allowing local governments to decide for themselves.

The four day system is already used by Henderson and is being considered by some other cities. Those cities don’t need state permission to make such changes because that power is already granted them in their charters.

AB2 goes back to the Senate for concurrence on the amendment.