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Speed limit lowered through Dayton

Motorists traveling through Dayton will find the speed limit just east of town hasbeen decreased to 45 mph.

Signs alerting motorists to the 45-mph limit, which now extends to just past Fortune Drive, went up on Friday.

Nevada Department of Transportation spokesman Scott Magruder said the new speed limit was in response to increased growth in east Dayton.

“The amount of traffic is growing rapidly, so we looked at it and determined the speed limit should be lowered,” he said. “I think a lot of it is related to the supermarket out there. There is a lot of left-turn movement, and it is hard when people are trying to cut across traffic.”

The 45-mph speed limit does not increase until Segale, 2 miles east from where it previously went up, just after Dayton State park.

Several accidents have occurred where the highway goes from four lanes to two lanes and Commissioner Bob Milz said the county approved seeking a lower speed limit for the area.

“We’ve had so many wrecks and deaths right there,” he said. “This is just a stopgap measure until we get four lanes, which will happen hopefully in the next year or two.”