Sports tournaments bring in $11 million to Carson |

Sports tournaments bring in $11 million to Carson

Teri Vance

Recreational sports tournaments brought in nearly $11 million last year, according to a report released Wednesday by the Carson City Parks and Recreation Department.

Although it’s down slightly from 2008, said Recreation and Operations Manager Joel Dunn, it was a successful year given the declining economy.

“I’m very excited with the numbers,” he said. “We focused on things that would keep participants and spectators here for multiple days.”

According to the report, 44,597 people traveled to Carson City for sports tournaments and stayed an average of two nights.

Although the number of people visiting increased, the report states, they spent less while here.

Each person spent about $35 in entertainment and $40 on retail for a total of about $4 million.

Visitors spent about

$4 million on food and beverages as well, along with about $2 million for lodging.

The Carson City Convention & Visitors Bureau allots the department $25,000 annually to fund salaries, benefits, services and supplies.

In return, the bureau collects a 10 percent room tax for tournament lodging, which added up to about $215,000 in 2009.

Candy Duncan, executive director of the CCCVB, said the partnership is a benefit all around.

“It adds to everyone’s bottom line,” she said. “When they’re in town, they fill up the rooms, they go to restaurants, they buy gas. It’s really great.”

The tournaments collected about $761,000 in sales tax, of which $222,000 went to the Carson City general fund.

Dunn said he hopes that will influence city supervisors when it comes to deciding budget cuts at today’s meeting.

“We’ve already made some significant cuts,” he said. “There’s definitely going to be a decline in the level of services we provide.”

Even without the profit, he said, the parks and recreation department is key in supporting youth programs and promoting a healthy community.

“When you look at what we provide to the community through parks and recreation, it’s well worth the investment,” he said. “It’s a huge benefit for our community.”