St. Teresa students gather goodies for babies |

St. Teresa students gather goodies for babies

by Teri Vance, Appeal Staff Writer
More than 20 children from St. Teresa School came together to donate $300 aand items for expecting and new mothers at Carson City's Community Pregnancy Center. Photo by Brian Corley

The cafeteria of St. Teresa School looked like a baby shower in full swing Friday as students gathered items to donate to Carson City’s Community Pregnancy Center.

“I think it’s so cute,” said Sinead McSweeney, 13. “Oh my gosh, all these stuffed animals and toys.”

Each month, the school chooses a community service project.

“May is the month of Mary, the mother of Jesus,” explained kindergarten aide Cathy Smith. “We thought we would honor Mary and all mothers with infants by having this baby shower.”

Rebecca Doyle, 8, brought in donations from her family.

“I wanted to help people who didn’t have anything,” she said. “I had much more than they had. God wants us to do what’s right and I think giving stuff to others who don’t have it is right.”

Students were not only thinking of the mothers.

“It’s good for the babies,” said 5-year-old Lucas Wright. “They will have more toys and the babies will play with them so they won’t cry.”

Gail Rhodes, assistant administrative director of the pregnancy center, was pleased because the center receives no state funding and operates through donations only.

“This is how we stay alive,” she said. “It’s neat to have the students be involved this way — it’s fun for them and it’s fun for us.”

The center accepts new and used baby clothes, toys and other items for soon-to-be and new parents who are in need.

“A lot of people are going to be helped in the community by this,” said Vickie Coats, 13. “Even the stuff that’s used still looks good.”

The school’s eighth-graders also decided to donate the $300 ending balance from fund-raisers throughout the year to the center.

“We felt it was a good cause,” said Ryan Moreland, 14. “It will help out mothers who don’t have enough to provide for their children.”