State files suit against Publisher’s Clearing House |

State files suit against Publisher’s Clearing House

Associated Press

CARSON CITY – Nevada has joined 27 other states in suing sweepstakes giant Publisher’s Clearing House for alleged deceptive practices against consumers.

Attorney General Frankie Sue Del Papa filed suit Monday in Clark County District Court, accusing the Clearing House of misrepresenting its promotions and preying on the elderly.

The suit says the entry method into the company’s sweepstakes for consumers who don’t place orders isn’t clearly stated and is significantly more cumbersome than the entry methods for consumers who do order.

”You never have to pay to enter a sweepstakes,” Del Papa said.”Unfortunately, many people, including senior citizens, still believe that a purchase helps the odds of winning. These types of deceptive sweepstakes solicitations further encourage that belief.”

The lawsuit asks the court to order Publisher’s Clearing House to make restitution to Nevada residents injured by the allegedly deceptive practices and fine the company for each violation.

Publishers Clearing House spokesman Chris Fisher denied it targets senior citizens.

”Publishers Clearing House does not target the elderly,” he said. ”We don’t even know the ages of our consumers. … Our market is the U.S. population.”

Publisher’s Clearing House is based in Port Washington, N.Y. It sells subscriptions to magazines and other merchandise to consumers all over the United States.

The various lawsuits have been filed individually in local courts in each state. However, officials say the lawsuits were sparked by a multi-state investigation.