State grants available for water pollution control |

State grants available for water pollution control

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The state Division of Environmental Protection has $800,000 in federal funding to award for projects controlling “nonpoint source” water pollution.

Nonpoint source pollution is that which results from rain, snowmelt and irrigation water running over surfaces such as parking lots, lawns and agricultural fields. The water picks up contaminates such as oil, sediment, pesticides and other materials, carrying them into waterways.

Birgit Widegren of NDEP said nonpoint source pollution is the leading cause of water quality problems in Nevada.

“We’re seeking to fund projects that can prevent this serious but often overlooked source of water pollution,” she said.

Potential projects range from public education to the use of low impact development practices and those involving approved watershed implementation plans.

The deadline for applications to NDEP is Nov. 7. Top projects will be awarded funding under guidelines established by the Clean Water Act. State and local governments as well as nonprofit organizations are eligible but a match of either cash or in-kind work worth at least 50 percent of the total project cost is required.

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The guidelines can be downloaded from Specific questions can be addressed to Widegren at 687-9550.