Stereo-speaker manufacturer triples in size |

Stereo-speaker manufacturer triples in size

Becky Bosshart
Appeal Staff Writer

Kevin Clifford/Nevada Appeal Production worker Marco Galvan from Dayton, Nevada concentrates while starting to assemble a speaker unit at Bohlender Graebener Corporation Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2005 in Carson City.

A loudspeaker company that uses a patented part to manufacture affordable and high-end $10,000 speaker sets will move into a 23,000-square-foot building in North Carson City. The move will triple its space.

BG Corp. will complete its move to 3535 Arrowhead Drive from its 9,000-square-foot shop and office on Forrest Way by the first week of January. The corporation manufactures loudspeakers primarily for the home entertainment market and public buildings, such as museums and libraries.

“We’ve been here about 10 years, and we outgrew this building,” said Kristy Garcia, sales-and-marketing administrator. “We went from a little company, and now we have a database of dealers that we sell to throughout the country and the world.”

BG Corp., formerly Bohlender-Graebener, employees about 15 people. It recently added a new project manager, Chris Brunhaven, and two new production shop employees because of the expansion.

Peter Hoagland, vice president of marketing, said BG Corp. sells about 10,000 loudspeakers a year. The more elaborate, expensive speakers are made in the Carson City shop, which is the company’s sales, marketing and distribution headquarters. The company recently introduced 80-inch speakers priced at $10,000 for a set.

The conventional speakers, starting at $500 a set, are mass produced in various shops outside the United States, Hoagland said.

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“What we do that’s unique is we make a particular type of driver called a planar ribbon,” he said Tuesday. “That’s a unique type of driver that is extremely clear and has low distortion.”

Hoagland said the company also sells planar ribbons to other speaker manufacturers.

Garcia said the speakers are in such places as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, the Library of Congress and the homes of Bill Clinton and Al Gore.

The company, which is incorporated in Washington state, started in 1994 with an office in Incline Village and a production shop in Mound House. BG Corp. moved under one roof to Carson City in 1995. The private corporation is headed by chief executive officer Warren Kocmond.

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