Stewart community church’s needs are few |

Stewart community church’s needs are few

Rhonda Costa
Nevada Appeal Staff Writer
Cathleen Allison/Nevada AppealShelley Ellison, with the Stewart Community Baptist Church, says their food closet is currently well stocked. What they need now is winter clothing.

Stewart Community Baptist Church is blessed with a full pantry of food.

Shelley Ellison, Rev. Wayne Ellison’s wife, distributes food to those in need on the Stewart Indian Colony and Carson Colony, and members of the church serve a meal after each Sunday service as part of their fellowship.

Despite the full pantry shelves, they still could use donations.

“We will use anything we can get in food, clothing and gifts,” said Shelley Ellison. “What we are in most need of is jackets, coats, gloves and boots in all sizes for men, women and children. The food is given out the second and fourth Sunday, from 2-3 p.m.”

“We are a missions church,” said Wayne Ellison, who grew up in Carson City. “Our mission is to help Native Americans, and there are a lot of urban natives in Carson City.”

The Ellisons are preparing gift bags for a Christmas party to be held for the youth in their Kids Club. Each child will receive a gift bag and choose a stuffed animal to take home. They also have personal gifts to give to some of the adults.

“It’s fun. We just love doing this,” Shelley Ellison said. “And God is always sending people to help us. We have helpful people going in and out like a revolving door.

God wants us to help others, for them to help out and we give out as they come in. It’s all great. We love it.”

Residents of Stewart Indian Colony and Carson Colony in need of assistance should call Shelley Ellison at 721-3668.

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