Stickman is missing |

Stickman is missing

by Kurt Hildebrand

A bunch of flowers and a note mark where Stickman, a Bath Street fixture, once stood.

Stickman, who was made of PVC pipe, celebrated every holiday without fail whether it was carrying the flag on Fourth of July or wearing a Jack O’ Lantern head on Halloween.

No more. Stickman is missing.

Stickman’s owner, Eunice M. Perle, said she moved to Carson City from Ocala, Fla., where Stickman was made.

“A man up the street from us used to make lawn furniture and one day he decided to make men out of PVC pipe,” she said. “I saw it and I just had to have him. We got the second one he made.”

Stickman was set in cement and whoever grabbed him had to break him to get him loose.

“Pieces flew in a couple of different directions,” Perle said. “They really had to work to get him out.”

The Perles were on vacation until Monday when they returned and found Stickman gone.

They reported his disappearance to the Carson City Sheriff’s Department on Tuesday morning.

Stickman is described as about 6 feet tall, constructed of white plastic pipe and capable of carrying all sorts of things, like flags and Christmas lights.

Anyone spotting Stickman should contact the Carson City Sheriff’s Department.

Perle said Stickman was very popular with neighborhood children.

“The crossing guard always pointed him out to the children,” she said. “A grandmother and child left a note taped to some flowers where he was. It looks so pitiful with the trees still dead in the background and the little bunch of flowers with a note.”