Stores searched for counterfeit merchandise |

Stores searched for counterfeit merchandise

Nevada Appeal Staff Reports

Investigators from the Nevada Attorney General’s office say a search of four Hot Cats stores in Reno and Las Vegas turned up a sizable amount of what they believe to be counterfeit merchandise.

Deputy Attorney General Tracey Brierly said the merchandise includes clothing, hats and stickers.

“We seized quite a bit of merchandise we believe to be counterfeit,” she said. “We also seized transfers of the trademarks that were next to hot presses we believe were being used to put these trademarked logos onto T-shirts.”

She said if the amount of merchandise involved is worth more than $1,000 or there are more than 100 items involved, the charge for selling the counterfeits is a felony in Nevada. Three of the stores are in Las Vegas. The fourth is in Meadowood Mall in Reno.

Brierly said anyone who believes they have been sold counterfeit merchandise should contact the Attorney General’s Office in Las Vegas, Reno or Carson City.

She said a simple way to tell is to check the label inside the merchandise.

It should match the name of the logo printed on the outside. If it doesn’t, the merchandise is a likely counterfeit.

Contact the Nevada Attorney General online at: or reach the Carson City office at 687-6300 or the Reno office at 688-1818.

– Appeal Capitol Bureau