Storey County School Board chooses new superintendent |

Storey County School Board chooses new superintendent

by Teri Vance

VIRGINIA CITY – After months of processing applications and weeks of interviewing, the Storey County School Board selected Henry Kilmer of Gooding, Idaho, as its new superintendent Friday.

“Based on his answers, his demeanor and his PR campaign so far, I think he would make a good fit,” said board member Cynthia Waldow.

Interim Superintendent Bob Scott said he expects Kilmer to take over in July.

“Generally, if superintendents leave in a positive way, they will stay around until someone can be found to replace them,” Scott said. “I expect he’ll take some leave and spend a week here and a week there to check things out with me and the board before he comes on board.”

Scott said he will call Kilmer and officially offer him the position.

Board members set the salary parameters between $75,000 and $80,000 a year.

Ed Diedrich, a school trustee, recommended that the salary be kept as low as possible.

“Based on our current situation, I would like to go in on the low side,” he said.

During his interview Monday, Kilmer explained to the board why he wanted to work there.

He said he would like the job in Virginia City because it is closer to Oregon where his children live.

It also holds a bit of sentimental value.

He said he drove through Virginia City about three years ago on his way to Lake Tahoe, where he bought the engagement ring for his second wife.

Board President Carol McCracken said the choice was not an easy one.

“We were very fortunate to interview three very qualified candidates,” she said.

The board also interviewed Carmi Wells from Kessler School in Montana and Jay Cason from Kellogg, Mich.

Cason later withdrew his application.

The board conducted a national search with 120 official inquiries. There were 56 official applicants from around the country with 11 from California, nine from Nevada and three each from Alabama and Arizona.

Of the 56 candidates, 10 were selected by a community screening committee made up of eight members of the community.

Of those 10, the final three were selected at the March 21 board meeting.