Student makes prom dress for senior project |

Student makes prom dress for senior project

by Teri Vance, Appeal Staff Writer

Holly Snyder is using her sense of fashion to shine at senior prom — and to pass her senior year of high school.

Holly, 18, is designing and sewing her own prom dress to fulfill her senior project requirement.

“Mine won’t be the same as anyone else’s,” she said. “It will make it more fun.”

Every senior at Carson High School is required to complete a three-part project which includes a research paper, a physical project and a presentation to community members.

Holly, who said she began designing dresses in middle school to escape boredom, is expecting the project to help her decide the course of her life after high school.

“I’m doing this to decide if I want to do it as a job,” she said.

Although she’s been designing dresses for years, this is the first dress she has sewn herself, with the help of Sew ‘n Sew, Inc. owner Barbara Baker.

“I decided I should actually make one instead of just drawing them,” she said.

But learning the new craft can sometimes keep her on pins and needles.

“It’s been fun, but not all fun,” she said. “It takes along time and they keep sending me back for more and more material.”

Carson High School’s prom will be May 3.