Students bumpin’ at annual car show |

Students bumpin’ at annual car show

by Teri Vance, Appeal Staff Writer
Kalehn deshler,17. looks over his shoulder as he monitors a competition at the Carson High School Car Show. Competitors like Andrew Putt in his blue pickup truck drove their rucks and SUVs up a one wheel ramp to see how hogh they could go before any of their other three wheels left the ground in the Beastly 4x4 competition.

Spiffed out and bumpin’, Carson High School students showed off their cars Monday morning during the annual Senator Shine.

“They have some really neat cars out here,” said Claire McNeil, 16. “There’s a Yukon that has like three TVs in it.”

Lindsey Harrison, 18, entered her 1998 Dodge Neon in the spiffed out contest. As a graduation present, her co-workers at Deuce Nine Designs applied a black wave-like graphic to the white car.

“It’s something eye-catching,” Harrison said. “You want to look at it — it’s not boring.”

Students also gathered to look at the 4-by-4s as they competed for top beast by driving one side up about a four-foot ramp.

“This is just fun and games for us,” said Daniel Boyer, 16, who entered his Chevy stepside in the competition. “For most of the people out here, this is an everyday occasion. We have our own club called the Karson Krawlers.”

But not everyone was impressed.

“I don’t understand what the big deal is,” said Madelyn Reyes, 15. “It’s just some guys driving up a ramp, but the guys think it’s hella cool. I just think it’s cool we’re out of class.”

Students were given a free day to receive and sign yearbooks and wander through the car show.

Eugenio Bueno, 17, headed straight to the bumpin’ competition testing the volume and sound quality of stereo systems.

“The people here are more united. They all have one thing in common and that’s the bass,” he said. “There’s just something inside me that likes it.”

Steve Tindle, 18, has that same thing inside himself and set up speakers with 460 watts in the car he entered.

“I just like listening to my music loud,” he said. “It’s fun and you get a free back massage.”

Cicely Valenti, student body treasurer, organized the first car show last year and carried on the tradition this year with next year’s student body president Megan Petterson. Valenti bequeathed the show to Petterson in her senior will and Petterson accepted the challenge.

“It gets everyone involved,” she said. “They get to show off what they’ve got.”

Valenti is pleased to know the tradition will carry on after she graduates this year.

“I worked so hard on so many school activities while I was here,” Valenti said. “I think it’s really cool to know I left my mark.”

Results of Senator Shine —

Spiffed Out:

First place: Robby Liebherr, sophomore

Second place: Bryan Upton, junior

Third place: Chris Barr, senior

Hot Rod:

First place: Stuart Law, junior

Second place: Tim Walsh, junior

Third place: Dane Weiler, junior

Old Clunkers:

First place: Josh Groth, senior

Second place: Kevin Law, sophomore

Third place: Scotty Walker, junior

It’s Bumpin’

First place: Morgan Kugler, junior

Second place: Brandon Ramirez, sophomore

Third place: Luis Mayoral, junior

Golden Oldies:

First place: Michael Findley, senior

Second place: Steven McQuirk, junior

Third place: Tiffany Alm, junior

Beastly 4-by-4:

First place: Gerad Reed, junior

Second place: Alan Wooldridge, junior

Third place: Shannon Chandler, junior