Students create videos to discourage smoking |

Students create videos to discourage smoking

by Misty Harris

Young people from Carson High School’s Resist Club gathered Friday to send a positive message to their peers and parents.

With funding from Community Council and Youth and the Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Resist has developed two public service announcements that help send messages promoting tobacco-free youth.

Resist, formerly known as TATU – Teens Against Tobacco Use – is a club at Carson High School consisting of more than 30 youth advocates. In addition to the presentations TATU has been traditionally known for, the goal of Resist is to promote positive youth choice.

Their target audience is elementary students, middle schools students, high school students and parents.

Resist will be producing two public service announcements.

The first will appeal to teens and the second will target parents. Production took place on Friday afternoon at Mills Park. The PSAs will be broadcast throughout cable television beginning in May.

For more information about Resist, contact Misty Harris at 283-1764.