Students driven to lunch in limousine |

Students driven to lunch in limousine

By TERI VANCE, Appeal Staff Writer

Six students were rewarded for their contributions to Empire Elementary School in grand style Monday.

The students who raised the most money in the school’s annual fund-raiser were taken by limousine to a whopper of a lunch at Burger King.

“It was cool,” said Ashley Meyer, 8. “I liked the inside of it and I sat on the side so it felt like I was going sideways.”

To raise money for the school, each year students sell a variety of wrapping paper through Innisbrook Wraps.

Last year, school officials decided to treat the students who sold the most to lunch in a limousine.

The tradition continued this year.

“It really encourages them,” said Principal Pat Carpenter. “It’s something special and different. They look forward to it.”

Jared Link, 9, was one of the top six last year and again this year, although he found it more difficult this time around.

“I didn’t do as good this year,” he said. “Not as much people wanted to buy.”

But he found a secret to success.

“The teachers like that Innisbrook stuff,” he said. “I sold a lot to them.”

Cameron Arnold, 8, enjoyed the limousine and the lunch, but mostly he liked the company.

“It was really fun talking to my friends in the limo,” he said.

And Casey Usserly, 8, may have found a future business interest.

“I own the limo,” he told his friends. “I mean, I wish I did,” he clarified.

Christopher Henricksen, 7, and Cassidy Robinson, 6, were also among the students treated to lunch.