Students learn lesson about flag |

Students learn lesson about flag

by Teri Vance, Appeal Staff Writer
Evan Zemp, 10, of Bordewich Bray holds his flag that he received during a flag presentation ceremony at the school Friday morning. The assembly included local speakers including members of the Carson Host Lions club and Judge Robey Willis. photo by Rick gunn

Beneath the C Hill flag, Bordewich-Bray students stood while the school’s band played the National Anthem.

“It’s really outstanding that we could be at this school where we can see the flag up on the hill,” said Lion’s Club member Wayne Willson.

Willson and other members of the Lion’s Club held a presentation for the students explaining the significance of the flag.

“If they can learn what the flag is and what it stands for, it sure makes them better young adults,” Willson said. “I think some of these students can teach their parents a little bit about it.”

Kristina Diamond, 10, said she enjoyed the presentation.

“They talked a lot about the flag and how much we all love it,” she said. “It represents the United States. If there’s ever any trouble, the flag will be there for us.”

Judge Robey Willis also addressed the students, telling them never to desecrate the flag by making clothing out of it or using it as a blanket or by other means.

“The American flag is special,” he said. “It deserves our respect.”

At the end of the presentation, each student was given a small flag.

“I want to have my own flag so I can pledge allegiance to it every day,” said Megan Wiley, 10. “I want to learn how to take care of it. If we don’t, it would not be honoring our country.”

It is also a way for Janelle Gray, 10, to express her pride.

“I’m proud to be an American,” she said. “We have freedom and liberty — not many countries have that.”

Rick and Susan Nicholson went to watch their 11-year-old son, Lucas, play in the band.

“This is great,” Rick Nicholson said. “It shows patriotism and teaches the kids the importance of the flag and our country.”

Michael Rupert, 11, dyed his hair blue for the day “to represent the flag.”

“I’m proud of it,” he said. “I like living in this country because we’re free.”