Students prepare care packages for troops in Iraq |

Students prepare care packages for troops in Iraq


Students at Bordewich-Bray are mailing their gratitude to troops in Iraq.

“We’re just trying to donate this stuff so they’ll be happy,” said Megan Justice, 9. “I think they need this.”

Fourth-graders organized a school drive to collect goods to send in care packages under the direction of substitute teacher Stephanie Matley.

They collected enough supplies to send 11 care packages.

“Our hope is that these items comfort you and your soldiers, that they communicate that we care and support you, and that we all appreciate the sacrifices that are made daily by you for those of us here at home,” Matley wrote in a letter to be included in the packages.

Students spent the afternoon sorting through the items to be sent.

“I’m packing magazines and cards,” explained Michael Lang, 10. “We’re sending all this stuff to soldiers.”

The drive kicked off Nov. 14 when Capt. Keith Kamachi and Sgt. First Class Patrick Moore of the U.S. Army visited their school.

From there, the students began collecting supplies.

“We had these lists on our desks,” said Lucas Johnson, 9. “Basically, the list was a bunch of stuff.”

Eliza Matley, 9, brought in a box of goods.

“I brought in cameras and some candy in case they miss candy,” she said. “And maybe it’s a special treat to have a book out there.”

Brittany Kelly, 10, hopes to brighten the holiday season for the troops.

“They’re going to be excited,” she said. “They probably don’t have toothbrushes.”

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