Students stage Bush protest |

Students stage Bush protest

by Maggie O'Neill
Rick Gunn/Nevada Appeal Megan Hoote yells 'No more Bush!' to passing cars Thursday in front of the Capitol Plaza. She was there with other Kerry supporters to voice her opinion.

When Carson High School student Mark Hernandez talked about a George Bush protest at school more than a month ago, it was just a joke among friends, he said.

But Thursday, outside the Legislature Building on Carson Street, Hernandez, who describes himself as a German, Mexican and United States citizen, threatened to rip up his U.S. passport.

“If Bush gets re-elected, we’re going to war,” said Hernandez, who sees a military draft as inevitable. “We don’t have a choice. There are people who want us to die for this country.”

He said he doesn’t support the war, but if his friends are drafted, he will go, too.

His comments led Douglas County resident David Fried, a Libertarian against Bush, to dissent.

“He’s lying,” Fried called out. “There will be no draft.”

Hernandez responded, “Bush is the biggest liar. And, sir, if you have no idea there is a draft that can take place, you have no idea what the facts are.”

Hernandez was one of several people to speak at the anti-Bush, pro-John Kerry rally of about 30 students and adults Thursday afternoon.

Hernandez and classmates Erin Dunbar and Jeremiah James planned the rally and were pleased with the turnout.

“It’s pretty cool how it’s taken off,” James said.

Protesters carrying signs marched in front of the Legislature and halted traffic as they paraded across crosswalks.

Carson High junior Amanda Cook marched in support of Kerry, along with senior Megan Hoote.

“My brother signed up for the Army,” Cook said. “He’s going to Iraq (in January). He doesn’t want to go.”

Hernandez’s father crossed the street carrying a sign: “Cardinals lost. Bush is next.”

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